"Are you all having a good time? Good because if you weren’t we’d get fired."
Harry Styles 8.9.14 (via ohthefond)


I hate flying so much, im dying rn


Look how much she’s already grown

Shes so cute


If you ever see me not reblogging harry styles don’t worry i’m still thinking about him


I love when people act like one direction have no fans anymore, the sixty thousand and more people a night watching them perform are laughing at you, one direction are laughing at you and I’m laughing at you



Reblogging because it’s Wednesday…


i dont need a boyfriend to keep me warm this winter i need a givenchy aw13 black velvet jacket with leather shoulder detailing

Liam payne i love you, dont listen what ppl say about you. You are perfect


AP House / MVN Arquitectos